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Cross Nadel LLC attorney Heidi A. Nadel quoted by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly about anti-SLAPP ruling on remand after SJC decision.

The Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly quoted Heidi A. Nadel in its article, "Nurses can bring defamation claim against hospital" on December 28, 2017.

Discussing the trial court’s decision ruling that a lawsuit by nurses against their former employer hospital and its CEO for defamation was not filed “primarily to chill” the defendants’ petitioning activity and denying the defendants’ anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss on remand after the Supreme Judicial Court’s ruling in Blanchard v. Steward Carney Hospital, Inc., Ms. Nadel was quoted,


“[The Blanchard lawsuit] never was a SLAPP, never looked like a SLAPP, and never should have been deemed a SLAPP in any part.” The article went on to explain, “[Ms.  Nadel] said the SJC’s augmented framework was a correction, albeit a somewhat complicated one, of years of misuse of the statute.”

The article went on to quote Ms Nadel further, 

“As the trial judge noted on remand, it is difficult at such an early stage in the case to look into the hearts and minds of parties and determine their primary motivating reason for filing a lawsuit, but it was not even close . . . Objectively, the nurses sued over alleged false statements … minors that had the potential to haunt the nurses for the rest of their lives.”

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