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Cross Nadel LLC attorney Heidi A. Nadel quoted in Boston Herald and Sun Chronicle.

Cross Nadel LLC attorney Heidi A. Nadel  was quoted today in the Boston Herald and in the Sun Chronicle regarding the case The Shrine of Our Lady of LaSalette versus the Board of Assessors of Attleboro and the amicus curiae brief she filed in the case on behalf of Massachusetts Council of Churches and 11 other religious organizations representing nearly every major religion in the Commonwealth, a wide range of denominations and congregations against the Board of Assessors of Attleboro.  The case raises important issues of religious autonomy and religious freedom. It also puts at risk the ability of religious organizations across the Commonwealth to sustain themselves.  "There are religious organizations across the commonwealth that depend on the exemption. If they are denied the exemption they risk not being able to maintain their property or stay in being," Ms. Nadel told the Boston Herald. 


The Interfaith Amici submitted their brief in support of LaSalette to address the far-reaching, potentially disastrous practical effects extension of the assessors reasoning would have to all religious organizations that own property in Massachusetts, and the serious constitutional concerns that would arise from allowing governmental actors to reach into religious organizations and parse what is religious from what is not. The Massachusetts Council of Churches has posted additional information about the case and amicus brief.  


The amicus brief is quoted extensively by the Sun Chronicle


The SJC will hear the appeal on April 5, 2016. Watch the hearing live.