Trademark & Copyright


We recognize the significance and value of intellectual property rights to businesses, artists and individuals. Our attorneys work with clients to acquire and protect intellectual property rights, including prosecuting, filing and obtaining trademarks, registering copyrights, and handling opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark and Trial Appeal Board. We also represent clients in disputes involving trademark and copyright infringement, trade secrets, trade dress, licensing, privacy and publicity rights, cyber-squatting, First Amendment issues, domain name and Internet disputes, and unfair competition/false advertising. Examples of the services we provide include:


  • Advising clients on choosing distinct trademarks to avoid infringement on any existing trademark

  • Assisting clients with properly registering and obtaining protection for trademarks at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and state regulatory agencies

  • Helping clients navigate the evolving ecommerce landscape and understand the benefits and pitfalls of Internet use

  • Enforcing and protecting our clients’ trademarks from improper infringement in court and in proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board

  • Working with clients to understand the application of copyright law to their particular situation and to understand the benefits of copyright registration and pre-registration, particularly in the digital age

  • Obtaining copyright registration for our clients’ protected works from the United States Copyright Office

  • Litigating copyright infringement disputes in federal court

  • Negotiating intellectual property licensing and royalty agreements

  • Representing clients in domain name disputes before ICAAN

  • Handling disputes across the spectrum of intellectual property, licensing, privacy and publicity rights, and domain name and Internet disputes.