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Cross Nadel LLC attorney Darren P. Cross quoted in Patriot Ledger about potential changes in immigration law and policy under President Trump.  


The Patriot Ledger today in its article "As Trump presidency looms, immigrants fear an uncertain future," quoted Cross Nadel LLC attorney Darren P. Cross regarding uncertainty about changes in immigration law and policy that may come about under President Trump and the concerns of the immigrant population in light of that uncertainty. 

The article noted that immigration advocates are seeing an uptick in inquiries about what to expect and how to prepare, and that while advocates believe certain actions could occur quickly, advocates are left without sufficient information to answer many of the questions being asked until the new administration actually acts. It remains to be seen what will happen.

As Cross explained, "Really, at this point we don't know and we have no way of knowing. . . I expect with the new administration there will be some form of immigration change, but I don't think you'll see some kind of sweeping reform immediately."

The article noted further,

"Cross, the Quincy immigration lawyer, said the immigrants he usually hears from are here legally and are worried that the programs that allow them to stay could be in jeopardy under a Trump administration. That includes Canadian professionals who are here on a visa issued under the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Trump has said he wants to tear up and renegotiate."

"They're really concerned about what's going to happen to them, and my answer, unfortunately, is the same to them: I don't know at this point."


While there remains significant uncertainty in what reforms and changes will be seen in immigration law and policy, it is never to early to assess your situation. We are on top of the most recent developments in the law and will provide updates as things develop. Read our Immigration Bulletin, subscribe to our website or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin for the latest.  If you would like to discuss your particular immigration situation, please contact us.