Brief Writing Services


In addition to our own litigation and appellate practice, Cross Nadel LLC also offers collaborative brief writing services to practitioners who need assistance preparing, revising, or even formulating appellate briefs, complex trial court motions and supporting briefs, or other pleadings.


Practitioners often call upon us directly or send their clients when their own trial court practice is too busy to allow them to devote the significant block of time necessary to prepare an appellate brief in state or federal court, or when they simply decide they need a more experienced appellate lawyer to prepare the brief or consult with them when they do or to revise a brief once it is written. They turn to us to help with in depth research on complex issues or to write or revise complicated trial court motions and other pleadings. Whatever the need, whatever the reason, we can help.


We have nearly two decades of experience litigating, trying cases and working on appeals in state and federal courts in many jurisdictions. We know the rules, the formatting requirements, and the practice tips of the appellate and trial courts. We are tireless and fastidious researchers. And we write concise, but compelling briefs.


We love to dig into complex issues, swim deep in the law and formulate the most persuasive application of that law to the facts as is possible. We collaborate as much or as little as trial counsel or the client requests. We provide brief writing and other appellate services (including Single Justice petitions, MRAP 6 Motions to Stay, Petitions for Direct Appellate Review, Further Appellate Review and Rehearing) collaboratively or independently in family law cases, the full spectrum of civil cases, and in most types of criminal cases.


Each project is unique. We offer reasonable rates, including often flat fees or project based fees, and will provide a quote once we have spoken and understand the scope of the project, the expectations and the turnaround time.


 Contact us for a free initial consultation and let us show you how we can help.

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