At Cross Nadel LLC, we understand that litigation is rarely the first choice when a dispute arises. Clients often seek out litigation counsel reluctantly after other efforts at resolution have been unsuccessful. When conflict is unavoidable, our clients come to us with real world problems and rely on us to help them achieve real world solutions. Sometimes this means aggressively litigating a case through trial to a favorable verdict in the courtroom. Sometimes it means negotiating a creative, practical resolution that encompasses factors such as existing relationships and business dealings, timing and financial considerations.


We are experienced and successful trial attorneys, but we apply a reasoned, individualized and client-driven approach to ensure that matters are resolved as favorably and efficiently as possible. We bring an uncommon depth of experience that helps us stay one step ahead of our opponents, and the knowledge and skills to represent clients in the full range of civil disputes and litigation with a focus on:

Business litigation

Commercial and other business disputes, if not addressed swiftly, efficiently and cost-effectively, can jeopardize the profitability, reputation and sometimes the very existence of a business. Businesses and individuals rely on us to give them practical advice and to advance their best interests through both litigation and alternative avenues of resolution. We represent individuals and companies across a broad spectrum of commercial and business disputes, including contract, fraud, unfair competition and business practices, trade secret, non-compete/non-solicitation disputes. 

Closely-held business and governance disputes

Closely-held business disputes can threaten the health and vitality of business. A company’s day-to-day operations and its future financial success are often dependent upon resolution of these multi-faceted disagreements between owners and other principals. These issues can be complicated when owners are family members or longtime business partners who work closely together. Developing the appropriate strategy to resolve these disputes in a manner that meets the client’s objectives requires a thorough understanding of these dynamics, as well as an analysis of the critical documents affecting the parties’ rights. We have extensive experience representing majority/controlling, minority and equal percentage business owners in a variety of closely-held business disputes. The strategy, leverage and options available to business owners can differ significantly based on their percentage of ownership, their rights as set forth in any applicable agreements or other documents, their importance to the business, and a number of other factors. We represent clients in partnership, shareholder and other closely-held entity disputes, including direct and derivative claims ranging from minority freeze out, breach of fiduciary duty, corporate waste and excessive compensation claims to wrongful termination and deadlock situations. 

Intellectual property litigation

We represent clients in all phases of promoting, managing and protecting business-critical intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. We effectively and efficiently resolve disputes, both in and outside of the courtroom, with a broad range of experience and skills. We advise clients along the life cycle of their valuable intellectual property assets, from advising on trade secrets protection to prosecuting and defending high-stakes trademark, false advertising, trade secret and copyright lawsuits. 

Fiduciary and probate litigation

Our attorneys are experienced in and handle all aspects of probate litigation, including will contests, interpretation of wills and trusts, reformation of trusts, disputes between fiduciaries and beneficiaries, contested issues relating to estate and trust administration, guardianships, financial conservatorships, fiduciary accountings, and claims of mismanagement of assets, inadequate investment performance and breaches of fiduciary duties. Our clients include beneficiaries, and individual and institutional fiduciaries.  

Civil rights litigation

The civil rights area continues to be one of the most controversial and dynamic in the law, and in recent years has seen a surge of enforcement activities, new statutes, claims for damages and policy initiatives. We are deeply committed to the advancement and protection of civil rights for everyone and to utilizing our knowledge and skills as advocates to promote social justice for all in the context of our practice and in our community in general. We represent clients who have been victims of harassment, violence, or discrimination based upon their age, disability, medical condition, national origin, sex, race, ethnicity, or religion, and those whose constitutional rights have been violated by the government, the police and other government officials, employers or others. We often handle these cases on a split fee, contingency or pro bono/fee application basis.